Due to the success of this blog and my photography business i have started a new professional blog. I realised that this blog is great for starting out and it has done me very well over the years but i love this new one and i have included all this years posts up to date..So please go check out my new blog and enjoy all the new posts that will be coming as my photography business grows. If you’ve bookmarked this one, then please subscribe or bookmark the new blog .

Here’s the new address

www.daletravers.com/blog www.daletravers.com/blog www.daletravers.com/blog www.daletravers.com/blog www.daletravers.com/blog www.daletravers.com/blog www.daletravers.com/blog

Please go enjoy all the new features of the new blog


It’s time to build…

So lately i’ve made some awesome new contacts and meet a lot of new people as my photography side business is slowly taking off. I’m very dedicated to use all of my spare time getting busy organising, networking, brain storming and actually shooting more photos. I do so much behind the scenes work just organising and lining people up and it’s all slowly coming together. Keep checking out my blog when you get a sec and have a read and if you ever have any awesome ideas email me here   info@daletravers.com and we’ll get around to organising it. I have a lot of creative people lined up ready to update their portfolios with head shots, action, dancing, Family Portraits, crazy fire shots, anything you can think of, i want to shoot it so hit me up..

Here’s some pics of me doing my thing from a latest shoots

This one is with local band Trash Queen who recently updated their myspace here  http://www.myspace.com/trashqueen10

With this photo that i shot last week.

More photos on the Jump…

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Mustang Bar Shoot Preview

So my friend Bianca had an awesome idea for a shoot. She wanted to have and her and her friends dressed up in heels and corsets around a bar or some sort. Her friend actually works at the Mustang Bar in the valley and allowed to us all Friday night up there for a shoot. SWEEEET!!!!!!

Krisztina and I got there early to set-up and get my lighting sorted before everyone got there. Here’s a quick set-up shot of me, yep..I don’t get on this side of the camera much but here i am..

More photos on the jump…

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Trash Queen Preview

I’ve been pretty busy lately with lots of photoshoots. Last night in the city i had the pleasure of shooting local band Trash Queen.

Here’s a preview..

As you can see i have my 3 580’s behind the guys, i also my octabox next to me but i switched it off for a few shots to create this nice silhouette for a preview photo.

Here’s a BHS shot of one of my set-ups

580 left bare, large octabox front, 580 brolly right and Krisztina doing some filming and taking BHS photos..

More to come on this later on. I have a few shoots to go through my blog should keep everyone pretty interested. If you have questions, just hit me up or comment on any post..


Do You Winch???

I got a call Sunday from my mate Matt Bradley who is a very keen wakeboarder. His mate Cam lives at Brighton and has just about every toy under the sun that has to do with wakeboarding, Kitesurfing and wake skating including an awesome huge slider bar that he straps to his roof and drives down to the beach, well mud flats at low tide.

Owner of the slider Cam Prest steezing it out off the end..Heaps more photos on the jump..Check it out..

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Panic Hair Photoshoot

Here’s a preview of the awesome photoshoot i did on Sunday for Panic Hair Studio in St Lucia Brisbane. Very talented hair dresses. Jools, the owner had a crazy idea of shooting with a blacklight inside a tanning booth. This was a first for me. 5ft x 3ft room, 3 people, Slow shutter, tripod, pieces of paper to reflect the light onto the models face. Crazy concept, i was working out solutions as quick as they came up..

Here’s a behind the scenes photo of the booth from Krisztina

Me behind the camera and holding another piece of paper, Jools holding the light and Leah the model..

Seeing Jools was sooo excited to see the results, i can show you now as you read this cause she used it for their new Facebook page

The Final result. B’s awesome Mo-Hawk. Amazing hair style. Good team effort to get the photo..

I’ll be using this one my site for sure.

If you live in Brisbane and want amazing hair, check out Panic Hair Bazzar here  http://www.panichair.com.au/

They are also on Facebook..

Stay tuned for the studio shoot..The girls went crazy!!


Poker Shoot- Sneaky T

Here’s some Behind the Scenes photos of the latest photoshoot in my garage with Sneaky -T and Bianca

The Set-up. My garage is no way big enough with all my stuff in it. The back wall was causing me a lot of problems due to the lack of room, i was having problems getting nice separation from the subjects to the wall. My octabox was also hitting the roof. I moved my Mac downstairs for tethering through the new Lightroom 3. First time on a photoshoot, it worked perfect except for the fact i need a Mac laptop. Checking focus, light and general details so i don’t have to fix them later in photoshop. A huge screen is way better than the small one on my 5D.

Tristan checking out the images of the “All In” shot

Krisztina fliming and getting up close and personal with her 500D and my fisheye lens..hopefully video coming soon..